Entrepreneur + Innovator

“We can all choose to become change agents and expand opportunities for all. Bold ideas are the lifeblood of our progress. ”

For over 20 years I’ve been fortunate to help lead several high impact projects.

Escape Dynamics Inc.

Beamed-energy propulsion could radically reduce the cost of space access. It’s the stuff of science fiction—only that advances in technology make it now possible to build. Working with a team of Caltech and MIT scientists on building this future is what I set out to do, and our R&D effort brought beamed energy propulsion onto the NASA Technology Roadmap. (more…)


The key to getting more kids interested in science, technology, engineering, and math is to get them involved at an early age and stay with them through the time they may have otherwise given up on math. I’m proud to serve as a board member of the National Museum of Mathematics (MoMath) which welcomes children and adults alike to enjoy the wonders of mathematics. (more…)

Women in Finance

I started my career in Finance in the late 1990s where there weren’t and still aren’t enough women. One way to encourage change is to chart the way, so in 2008, I took the leap and founded my own investment firm, and despite it being a challenging year for most in the market, we won numerous industry accolades. Because women too can do great in Finance! (more…)

Extend Fertility

No woman should have to choose between family and her career. No woman faced with a cancer diagnosis should give up on her dream to have children. Extend Fertility is the first service in the United States focused exclusively on women who want to proactively preserve their fertility options. (more…)

GII Junior Summit

In 1995 the European Commission hosted a G7 roundtable on the Global Information Society, but the Japanese delegation noted a glaring omission: the people most affected by the global information society – young people – were utterly unrepresented. A few months later, I along with 40 other young people from 12 nations were selected and convened for a summit in Tokyo. I was 17, and the Internet was in its infancy. (more…)