Building Better Futures At Scale

“What drives me is to build and inspire better futures at scale. ”

For over 20 years I’ve been fortunate to lead and guide innovative companies,  organizations, and projects forging a future that pushes humanity forward.

Advancing Frontier Technologies

My entrepreneurial and investing activities have been focused on frontier technologies that push humanity forward. Along the way, I partnered with Dmitry Starson, as co-founder of Escape Dynamics to advance beamed-energy propulsion technology, and backed visionary entrepreneurs like Elon Musk and Amir Husain. I serve as CEO of Global Space Ventures, on the board of XPRIZE which leverages large scale incentive competitions to catalyze radical breakthroughs for the benefit of humanity such as the recently launched $100M XPRIZE Carbon Removal, and the board of NATO Unmanned Maritime Systems Innovation Advisory Board (IAB).


Promoting STEM

I’m proud to serve as a board member of the National Museum of Mathematics (MoMath) which has come into being at a critical time for the US, as we are facing growing gaps in math proficiency, and where our mission is to ensure that the world of mathematical exploration and discovery is accessible to all. (more…)

Championing Diversity

I started my career in Finance in the late 1990s, an industry where women continue to be under-represented. One way to encourage change is to chart the way, so in 2008, I founded my own investment firm, and recognized in 2010 by Institutional Investor with their “Rising Star” award – and one of my greatest satisfactions since has been to help and bring other women along to chart their own path in sectors where women are under-represented. Because women can do great everywhere! (more…)

Expanding Health Options

No woman should have to give up on her dream to have children because she is faced with a cancer diagnosis – or to chose between family and her career. Extend Fertility started as a business plan I co-authored with HBS classmates to help these women, and became in 2003 the first US company focused exclusively on enabling women to proactively preserve their fertility.


Bridging the Connectivity Gap

Deploying space-based broadband connectivity systems unbounded by ground infrastructure limitations, as SpaceX and Lynk are building, will be key to bridging the connectivity divide. As an early investor in both companies, I am incredibly excited that we finally will be in a position to address this issue at scale, which for me comes full circle, as my early work at the dawn of the internet, with my GII Junior Summit fellow participants, some 25 years ago, is what introduced me to folks like Nicholas Negroponte, Founder of the MIT Media Lab, who became my sponsor on my path to US citizenship.