Laetitia Garriott de Cayeux is an entrepreneur and investor passionate about innovation and STEM, creating impact at scale, forging a more diverse and inclusive future, and foreign affairs. She serves as a Board Member of the National Museum of Mathematics, as a member of the Council on Foreign Relations, the Economic Club of New York, and Women Corporate Directors, and as a Truman Security Fellow. 

She is an early investor in US transformative technology champions including SpaceX and SparkCognition which have significantly strengthened our national security posture in space and AI, and Lynk, which demonstrated in 2019 the first “cell tower in space” and is on a mission to bridge the connectivity gap for 88 million Americans living in rural areas and 2 billion people globally.

She was instrumental in beamed energy propulsion becoming a part of NASA’s technology roadmap in 2015, as cofounder of Escape Dynamics ranked third of the “Top 10 World’s Most Innovative Space Companies” by Fast Company, and whose technology was featured in Scientific American as a “World Changing Idea”. She is a regular speaker at the National Space Symposium, and keynoted major space conferences.

She founded and built-out “Entrepreneurs for Hillary”, a nationwide entrepreneur’s network which became a fundraising force in the 2016 US Presidential campaign (85 fundraisers hosted across 15 states). She also became the top individual campaign fundraiser in the state of Texas.

On the policy front, she has contributed her expertise to Council on Foreign Relations study groups on transformative technologies and US Policy towards Asia. She briefed members of the US Senate on commercial space. She was invited by the State Department to brief the foreign media pool at the Democratic National Convention where she championed entrepreneurship and the need of an economy that works for all. She has presided over policy discussions on topics ranging from national security with Michelle Flournoy to US-China relations with Ambassador Gary Locke, and regularly participates in international policy forums.

Prior to establishing her investment firm in 2008, Laetitia served in leadership investing roles at leading global financial firms, including as Investment Partner at Renaissance Technologies in New-York, as Investment Principal at TPG-Axon in both New-York and Hong-Kong, and as an investment banker at Goldman Sachs where she started her career in 1999 in London and advised on cross-border M&A in the US, Asia and Europe.

Laetitia is a recipient of several awards including Vanity Fair France’s 50 Most Influential in the World and 15 Most Influential Entrepreneurs (2016), Institutional Investor’s rising star award (2010), the Women Forum for the Economy and Society’s rising talent award (2010). She won in 2004 Harvard Business School business plan competition, for a business which, over 15 years ago, became the first focused on enabling women, including those undergoing chemotherapy for cancer treatment, to preserve their fertility. She is also sought after by the media and has an extensive record of media appearances and authored articles in the US and France leveraging her expertise in technology & innovation (including space), foreign policy and the economy.

Laetitia was born in France, spent part of her early childhood in Hong-Kong, before returning to France and emigrating as an adult to the US. She holds an MBA degree from Harvard Business School, and is married to Richard Garriott, videogame pioneer behind today’s massively multiplayer online games (MMOs) and first second-generation American astronaut, with whom she has two children Kinga Shuilong and Ronin Phi.