Laetitia Garriott de Cayeux is an entrepreneur and business executive with over 20 years of experience in frontier technology, finance, foreign affairs and national security, whose career has spanned the US, Europe, and Asia. She is passionate about advancing national security including STEM and innovation, and building better and more inclusive futures at scale. She serves as CEO of Global Space Ventures, her family investment office. She also serves on NATO’s Maritime Unmanned Systems Innovation Advisory Board; on the board of directors of XPRIZE, which launched on Earth Day the $100M Carbon Removal XPRIZE with Elon Musk; on the board and as strategic planning committee chair of the National Museum of Mathematics; as a security fellow and advisory board member of the Truman National Security Project, and a member of the Council on Foreign Relations, the Economic Club of New York, and Women Corporate Directors.

Her entrepreneurial and investing activities have been focused on frontier technologies including AI, biotech, and space. She was instrumental in beamed energy technology becoming onboarded to NASA’s technology roadmap, as cofounder and President/COO of Escape Dynamics, which Fast Company ranked third of the “Top 10 World’s Most Innovative Space Companies”, and whose technology was featured in Scientific American as a “World Changing Idea”. She is also an early investor in US technology champions SpaceX, AI leader SparkCognition, iXpressGenes which won a Department of Defense innovation contract to seek antibiotics to protect soldiers from biowarfare agents, and Lynk, which demonstrated the first “cell tower in space” and is working on bridging the connectivity gap for rural America and beyond.

Her finance career has spanned diverse sectors including technology, energy, chemicals, hotel/gaming, and consumer/retail. In addition to starting her own investment firm, she held leadership roles at major global investment firms Renaissance Technologies and TPG-Axon, worked at Goldman Sachs in Europe on cross-border merger and acquisition transactions involving US, European, and Chinese state-owned companies, and at Paribas in China on Asian equity mandates.

Laetitia dedicates much of her time to foreign policy and national security. She has contributed to Council on Foreign Relations study groups on transformative technologies and US Policy towards Asia, presided over policy discussions on ranging from Space Force to US national security and US-China relations, and briefed members of the Senate on commercial space and national security.

Laetitia has also been actively involved on the political front, including with both the Biden/Harris and Clinton/Kaine presidential campaigns. She served on the National Finance Committee for both presidential campaigns, including as Co-Chair of Innovators for Biden, Women for Biden, Asian American and Pacific Islanders for Biden, and the African American Leadership Finance Council (and raising directly as a full-time volunteer approximately $6.5M in support of the Biden/Harris
campaign), and as Co-Founder of “Entrepreneurs for Hillary” (a diverse coalition which raised over $8 million in support of the Clinton/Kaine campaign).

Laetitia is a recipient of several awards including Vanity Fair France’s 50 Most Influential in the World and 15 Most Influential Entrepreneurs (2016), Institutional Investor’s rising star award (2010), the Women Forum for the Economy and Society’s rising talent award (2010), and Harvard Business School’s business plan competition  top award (2004) for launching  the first human egg-freezing US technology company. She has an extensive record of TV and print media appearances in the US and France, on technology, innovation, foreign policy, national security, and the economy.

Laetitia is an American by choice. She started full time work at age 21, then putting herself through a Harvard Business School MBA on student loan. She has lived and worked in France, China and the UK, and is a native French speaker. She is married to Richard Garriott de Cayeux, first second-generation American Astronaut, and videogame pioneer behind today’s massively multiplayer online games (MMOs), with whom she has two children, Kinga Shuilong (8.5y) and Ronin Phi (6.5y). She is also the granddaughter of French scientist André de Cayeux de Sénarpont, whom the Cailleux crater on the moon is named after