I’m proud to serve as a board member of the National Museum of Mathematics (MoMath) which has come into being at a critical time for the US, as we are facing growing gaps in math proficiency that affect Americans, American jobs, American innovation and leadership, our national security and our future as a people and as a country. We lack a steady pipeline of domestic STEM talent. Women and minorities continue to be extremely underrepresented in STEM fields. Meanwhile, research has identified the early development of a positive self-image around mathematics as critical to future academic achievement. 



Over 1.5 million individuals have experienced MoMath exhibits since the museum’s opening in 2012. The Museum, located in New York City has welcomed over 1 million visitors including over 250,000 students. MoMath exhibits are now installed in  9 countries across Europe, Asia, and Latin America. And because math educators have a key role to play as agents of change to excite young people about math, the Museum awards annually the Rosenthal Prize for Innovation and Inspiration in Math Teaching which is designed to recognize and promote hands-on math teaching in upper elementary and middle school classrooms. This prize is awarded annually to a classroom teacher in the United States who has created an exceptional, hands-on, engaging math activity, and will have the opportunity to influence classroom across the country through dissemination of his/her innovative math activities.

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