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Jan 25, 2021 : Tech Diplomacy: An Urgent Imperative as China Strengthens
by Laetitia Garriott de Cayeux -Techonomy

Dec 10, 2020 : France, Lost in Translation?
by Laetitia Garriott de Cayeux -The Atlantic Council

Dec 9, 2020 : “L’ Amérique de Joe Biden en Partage” – Le Petit Journal

Nov 19, 2020 : US Speaker Bureau Panel on Women Entrepreneurship & InclusionUS State Dept.

Nov 3, 2020 : “A Biden Win Could Revive The Transatlantic Partnership”
by Laetitia Garriott de CayeuxThe Truman Project

Aug 4, 2020 : “Commercial Space Development Bolsters U.S. National Security”
by Laetitia Garriott de CayeuxTechonomy

Oct 8, 2019 : “Artificial Intelligence Startup SparkCognition Raises $100 Million”SiliconHills

Apr 13, 2018 : “Latest SpaceX valuation shows unlimited amount of funding in private markets” CNBC

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Selected Videos

Keynote Speech on losing the 2016 presidential election and building a hopeful, inclusive and bighearted America – Paris, France (2016)

NewSpace Keynote Presentation -NewSpace Conference 2015 (2015)

Federal Reserve Board announcement (French)

Monetary policy and driveless cars (French) -BFM TV (2014)

US jobs & FED forward guidance (French) -BFM TV (2014)

Bitcoin & Mt. Gox platform (French) -BFM TV

Upcoming FED leadership change and 2014 financial markets outlook (French) -BFM TV (2013)

US consumption, quantitative easing, Bitcoin (French) -BFM TV (2013)

US debt deal (French)

Special program on the US Federal Reserve Board (FED) (French) -BFM TV (2013)

“Inventing the Future of Space”– Women’s Forum for the Economy & Society

“Making Cheap Access to Space Cheaper”
-NewSpace Conference (2015)

ECB monetary policy easing, EU fiscal investigation of Apple, BNP Investigation over Sudanese sanctions compliance (French) -BFM TV (2014)

Conquering Mars (French) -BFM TV

US jobs (French) -BFM TV

Natural gas outlook (French) -BFM TV

US jobs (French) -BFM TV

US growth (French) -BFM TV

Economic impact of US budgetary paralysis (French) -BFM TV (2013)

Financial markets commentary & Tesla (French) -BFM TV (2013)

Selected Articles

May 3, 2017 “New Space Leadership Poised to Shake Up NASA” – Popular Mechanics

May 2, 2017Executive order creating National Space Council expected soon” – SpaceNews 

November 26, 2016 “15 Most Influential Entrepreneurs in the World according to Vanity Fair France” (French) -Les Echos

October 18, 2016 “Guest List for the State Dinner in honor of Italian Prime Minister Matteo Renzi” -Washington Post

August 23, 2016 “Could she be Hillary’s Secretary of Space?” -Ozy

July 25, 2016 “Entrepreneurship and the Economy” -US Dept of State

June 12, 2016   “Space provides dividends to Earth”  -Huffington Post

June 1, 2016 “One thing spacecraft have never achieved – until now” (Chinese) (English) -BBC Future

March 2, 2016 “The New Space Race”  -Harvard Business School

February 16, 2016 “The World’s 50 Most Innovative Companies”  -Fast Company

January 18, 2016  “Ce que le test de ‘bombe H’ coréen nous dit de la stabilité régionale” (French) -Huffington Post

November 17, 2015 “Scientific American names Escape Dynamics’ beamed energy propulsion as a 2015 Top 10 World Changing Idea” -Scientific American

October 15, 2015 “Inventing the Future of Space” panel -the Women’s Forum for the Economy & Society

August 3, 2015 “Startup makes progress in beamed propulsion for reusable launchers”

July 22, 2015 “How one woman is democratizing the final frontier” -Huffington Post

July 17, 2015 “This company aims to launch rockets with beams of power” -Forbes

July 17, 2015 “The word’s first combustion free, externally-powered, space launch thruster successfully tested by Escape Dynamics” -SatNews Daily

May 23, 2012  “Gaming: A boon or bane for Facebook?”  -Forbes 

April 1, 2012  “The future of wireless is wired”  -Forbes 

March 7, 2012  “Is Tesla the next Apple?”  -Forbes

October 14, 2010  “Women’s Forum 2010 Rising Talent Class”  -Women’s Forum for the Economy & Society

June 14, 2010  “Institutional Investor Magazine Rising Star awards “  -Institutional Investor

September 1, 2004  “Extend Fertility wins HBS Business Plan Contest”  -Harvard Business School