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November 19, 2020 : US Speaker Bureau Panel on Diversity, Equity & InclusionUS State Department

November 3, 2020 “A Biden Win Could Revive The Transatlantic Partnership”The Truman Project

August 4, 2020 “Commercial Space Development Bolsters U.S. National Security”Techonomy

October 8, 2019 “Artificial Intelligence Startup SparkCognition Raises $100 Million” SiliconHills

April 13, 2018 “Latest SpaceX valuation shows unlimited amount of funding in private markets” CNBC

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Keynote Speech on losing the 2016 presidential election and building a hopeful, inclusive and bighearted America – Paris, France (2016)

NewSpace Keynote Presentation -NewSpace Conference 2015 (2015)

Federal Reserve Board announcement (French)

Monetary policy and driveless cars (French) -BFM TV (2014)

US jobs & FED forward guidance (French) -BFM TV (2014)

Bitcoin & Mt. Gox platform (French) -BFM TV

Upcoming FED leadership change and 2014 financial markets outlook (French) -BFM TV (2013)

US consumption, quantitative easing, Bitcoin (French) -BFM TV (2013)

US debt deal (French)

Special program on the US Federal Reserve Board (FED) (French) -BFM TV (2013)

“Inventing the Future of Space”– Women’s Forum for the Economy & Society

“Making Cheap Access to Space Cheaper”
-NewSpace Conference (2015)

ECB monetary policy easing, EU fiscal investigation of Apple, BNP Investigation over Sudanese sanctions compliance (French) -BFM TV (2014)

Conquering Mars (French) -BFM TV

US jobs (French) -BFM TV

Natural gas outlook (French) -BFM TV

US jobs (French) -BFM TV

US growth (French) -BFM TV

Economic impact of US budgetary paralysis (French) -BFM TV (2013)

Financial markets commentary & Tesla (French) -BFM TV (2013)

Selected Articles

May 3, 2017 “New Space Leadership Poised to Shake Up NASA” – Popular Mechanics

May 2, 2017Executive order creating National Space Council expected soon” – SpaceNews 

November 26, 2016 “15 Most Influential Entrepreneurs in the World according to Vanity Fair France” (French) -Les Echos

October 18, 2016 “Guest List for the State Dinner in honor of Italian Prime Minister Matteo Renzi” -Washington Post

August 23, 2016 “Could she be Hillary’s Secretary of Space?” -Ozy

July 25, 2016 “Entrepreneurship and the Economy” -US Dept of State

June 12, 2016   “Space provides dividends to Earth”  -Huffington Post

June 1, 2016 “One thing spacecraft have never achieved – until now” (Chinese) (English) -BBC Future

March 2, 2016 “The New Space Race”  -Harvard Business School

February 16, 2016 “The World’s 50 Most Innovative Companies”  -Fast Company

January 18, 2016  “Ce que le test de ‘bombe H’ coréen nous dit de la stabilité régionale” (French) -Huffington Post

November 17, 2015 “Scientific American names Escape Dynamics’ beamed energy propulsion as a 2015 Top 10 World Changing Idea” -Scientific American

October 15, 2015 “Inventing the Future of Space” panel -the Women’s Forum for the Economy & Society

August 3, 2015 “Startup makes progress in beamed propulsion for reusable launchers”

July 22, 2015 “How one woman is democratizing the final frontier” -Huffington Post

July 17, 2015 “This company aims to launch rockets with beams of power” -Forbes

July 17, 2015 “The word’s first combustion free, externally-powered, space launch thruster successfully tested by Escape Dynamics” -SatNews Daily

May 23, 2012  “Gaming: A boon or bane for Facebook?”  -Forbes 

April 1, 2012  “The future of wireless is wired”  -Forbes 

March 7, 2012  “Is Tesla the next Apple?”  -Forbes

October 14, 2010  “Women’s Forum 2010 Rising Talent Class”  -Women’s Forum for the Economy & Society

June 14, 2010  “Institutional Investor Magazine Rising Star awards “  -Institutional Investor

September 1, 2004  “Extend Fertility wins HBS Business Plan Contest”  -Harvard Business School